ICSE: Drug Development Zone

Join world-Class CROs specializing in both Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research

The structure of the pharmaceutical industry is shrinking as focus shifts from reliance on blockbuster drugs to many more specialized drugs. To correct inefficiencies within historic R&D models, companies are downsizing their in-house R&D laboratories all across the market.

At the same time, clinical trial budgets will continue to increase as payers demand more information on how new drugs and biologics perform relative to products already on the market.

This dramatic increase in clinical trial investment represents real opportunity for CROs. In addition, the robust activity in current and future drug development represents tremendous ongoing opportunity.

With North America accounting for the largest pharmaceutical market around the globe and more than 3,000 companies in the immediate vicinity of Philadelphia, iCSE is the perfect place for you to create new partnerships.

Pharma Phacts

CPhI North America will deliver companies interested in contracting services. At the CPhI Worldwide event in 2015, 13% of the attendees at were interested in contract services including analytical/lab services (6%), Pre-Clinical Trials Stages 1-4, CRO, Clinical Data (4%), and Bio Services (3%).

Companies Participating in iCSE:

  • ABC Farma International
  • Ei - a Pharmaceutical Solutionworks
  • Hisun Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc
  • Ricerca Biosciences
  • UPM