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Join the Full Pharma Supply Chain Under One Roof

For nearly 30 years, CPhI has organized the world’s most influential pharmaceutical events. Several annual gatherings comprise our iconic worldwide portfolio, but it’s CPhI North America that has become the critical link in a global chain connecting motivated buyers with industry-leading suppliers. We represent the most lucrative pharma market on earth. It’s here you will drive your career and your business forward. You simply can’t afford to be left behind.

CPhI North America 2018 Recap

Industry-defining partnerships happen at CPhI North America.

Why Should You Exhibit?

Seven strategic zones... One massive expo hall... The entire pharma supply chain charged to do business. CPhI North America is your opportunity to showcase your products and services to leaders and, more importantly, decision makers from across the North American pharmaceutical supply chain.

2019 Keynote Presentations

Senator Jeff Flake

Join our April 30 keynote presentation at CPhI North America to hear Senator Jeff Flake’s opinions on pharma manufacturing, healthcare innovation, and the direction of healthcare as he sees it under our current structure of divided government, as well as scenarios beyond 2020.

Jeff Flake has nearly two decades of experience on Capitol Hill in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Heralded as an "ideal public servant" in The New York Times, Flake is renowned for his bravery in speaking out against the current administration, his principled stands on spending and free trade, and his shrewd negotiations and bipartisanship on complicated issues such as immigration.

Brandon Allgood

Join our May 1 keynote presentation, to hear Brandon Allgood, CTO and cofounder of Numerate's perspective on artificial intelligence, the future of machine learning and why the drug industry needs to take notice.

Brandon Allgood manages the development and application of Numerate's AI platform and is responsible for Numerate’s technological vision. Brandon has also served as Director of Computational Science at Numerate and as a Research Scientist at Pharmix. He received a B.S. in Physics from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Brandon has authored scientific publications in astrophysics, solid-state physics, and computational biology and has 15 years of experience in large scale cloud and distributed computing, AI, and mathematical modeling. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and is a UCSC Foundation Trustee.

New in 2019! bioLIVE:

bioLIVE is a brand-new event for 2019, focusing on large molecule biopharma and more specifically, on manufacturing and processing within the industry. A truly unique event within the biopharma industry, bioLIVE unites biotechs, big pharma and service providers across the whole value chain in large molecules.

CPhI North America 2018 & bioLIVE

Why Should You Attend?

This is your chance to establish new business relationships, meet global partners, and discover the trends with fellow senior-level attendees. Network with your peers from across all sectors within the pharma and biopharma industry who specialize in R&D, Purchasing and Procurement, Regulations, Chemical Development, Drug Development and more!

Introducing CPhI North America’s New Host City

It’s the Midwest’s hub of innovation, fueling the pharmaceutical industry and its supply chain.

Chicago is one town that won’t let you down… It’s a pharma kind of town!

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New CDER Guidelines For Drug Manufacturing Innovation and FDA

The pharmaceutical drug development industry has seen tremendous changes over the last 15 years. New research has turned into new drugs and therapies. New technology and devices have enabled scientists to see levels of detail never before seen. But there is one aspect of the drug development lifecycle that has been slow to change: drug manufacturing innovation. There are many reasons for this. Large molecule drug development is a costly operation, and tried and true processes are expensive to innovate; unlike replacing a bike tire, they often require change to the entire process. Small molecule drug development is more adaptable to innovation, but problems in scale up continue to plague the industry. Cont'd.

US Prescription Drug Prices and The Innovation Debate

The drug pricing debate over prescription drug prices in the US is not new.

What also is not new is politicizing the debate. During the 2016 Presidential election cycle, drug pricing was a major issue, compounded by then President-elect Donald Trump’s attacks on pharmaceutical drug pricing. Trump’s campaign promises called for revamping drug pricing legislation to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, a major campaign platform given the sheer volume of the 65 and over population, who take more prescriptions than any other demographic. Conversely, the Democrats positioned their campaign as pro-healthcare, focused on overall benefits rather than singling out drug pricing. Cont'd.