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A Showcase of Contract Services Spanning the Pharma Supply Chain

Home to 25% of the world’s pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing, North America owns the largest market share of these vital services.

And there’s no better place to tap into this critical mega pharma segment than the ICSE Drug Development Zone—the largest global stage for companies providing contract services in all the key areas you’re looking to expand: Clinical trials, Contract research, Contract manufacturing, Biotech, IT, Analytical services, Packaging services, Logistics...

Global market for pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing services set to grow by an average of 13.6% annually.

North America is home to the largest share of the pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing services market with 24.9% being based there. The CRO market is expected to reach $45.2bn by 2022.

The global clinical trials market is projected to reach around $22 billion by the year 2021.

Successful CMO’s will need to have flexible business models and differentiated capacity to act even more as solution providers than ever before.

Step into this zone and enter a world that showcases contract services from the entire pharma supply chain, and be part of a collaborative force that will give you a more complete solution package. It’s a vast marketplace where contract service solution providers unite to give you a 360-degree view of all the outsourcing options to help you reduce costs and stand out in a competitive market.

Witness the innovations and create new partnerships to stay ahead of lucrative trends, like:

  • The rapidly-growing bio market
  • Trailblazing technologies
  • Industry-changing digital health solutions
  • The personalized medicine revolution

Products & Services Found in the ICSE Zone:

Contract Services - Contract Services

Analytical development | Blending | Cell-culture development | Chemical synthesis/analysis | Computer software | Consulting services | Contract manufacturing | contract packaging | Cool chain | Data services | Development & Validation of Analytical methods | Drug discovery | E-Business | Formulation development | Logistics and Distribution | Lyophilisation | Marketing Services | Pharmacovigilance | Process optimization | Product characterization | Recruitment/human resources | Regulatory Affairs | Synthetic organic chemistry | Synthetic route design | Vial/syringe filling

Contract Services - Analytical & Lab Services

Chromatography | Method Development | Method Validation | Quality Control Testing | Stability Testing

Contract Services - Pre Clinical Trials, Clinical Trials Stages 1-4, CRO, Clinical Data

Bio analytical services | Biometric Services | Biotrials | Clinical Data management | Clinical Research (Field) | Clinical Trials phase I to IV | Contract Research | Drug metabolism | Environmental testing | In-patient clinical research | Patient safety monitoring | Pharmacodynamics | Pharmacoeconomics | Pharmacogenetics | Pharmacokinetics | Pharmacology | Photobiology testing | Project management | Stability testing of drugs | Statistical analysis