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CPhI North America Conference ROI For The Pharma Supply Chain

One of the most effective, and often elusive, ways to connect with your audience, whether you are a B2B company or B2C, is face-to-face. The power of relationships is as true today as it was in the pre-digital era. The difficult part is securing time on people’s busy calendars. Event attendance, especially large-scale, industry specific events like CPhI North America, can tip the scales in your favor, allowing you to capitalize on the convergence of a wide audience in a narrow window of opportunity. At CPhI north America, your conference ROI is direct access with the pharma supply chain and major pharmaceutical companies.

CPhI North America is the premier annual event that brings together the biopharma ecosystem of pharmaceutical buyers with industry-leading suppliers. Over 6,500 attendees engage in networking and partnering across seven strategic zones and one massive expo hall. Attendees are exposed to the entire pharma supply chain, where companies showcase their products and services to decision makers from across the globe.

Once you have created a strategy for your business for the event, you can justify attending with these conference ROI. Here are the top five benefits of attending the event.

1. Revitalize key partnerships and forge new ones 

Everyone knows that face-to-face networking is more efficient for forging relationships than any other effort. But it can also impact your own performance. According to an August 2018 Harvard Business Review article entitled “How to Diversify Your Professional Network,”  high performing employees who actively created relationships with a diverse network of experts were most-productive, more so than their average-performing colleagues. “More-recent research supports the notion that people who are connected across heterogeneous groups and who have more-diverse contacts come up with more creative ideas and original solutions,” according to the article.

2. Exclusive access to VIP keynotes

Reading about how successful or newsworthy VIPs moved the needle for their organizations is different than listening to their candid, sometimes uncensored, opinions and stories in a conference setting. They can be very revealing and help to humanize pharmaceutical companies and life science industry business activities. Good speakers are motivating, and it’s a sure bet that if someone has achieved VIP status, they have valuable insight on how you can be more successful, current trends, or pitfalls to avoid based on personal experience. It’s well worth the price of admission.

3. Source innovative solutions from 670+ vendors 

People like choices; if they didn’t there would only be one brand of milk, one brand of soap, and so on. Competition drives innovation, and exhibitors from across the pharma supply chain bring their best game to the forefront. You can quickly sift the wheat from the chaff when looking for a company partner to fulfill your needs. Plus, you won’t have to sit through any sales calls; you can walk from vendor to vendor and really get a feel for their company offerings and culture.

 4. Learn from today’s industry trailblazers

The global pharmaceutical market is constantly changing. From innovative drug development to manufacturing advancements in the new era of regulation, it can be hard to keep up unless you are glued to the news. Advanced business program offerings in focus areas such as drug development, bioprocessing, and drug delivery, among others, can quickly get you up to speed and enable you to bring back important information to your teams.

 5. Impact the future of the pharma value chain 

Your friends have been telling you there’s going to be a big concert on a dairy farm about 90 miles outside of New York City. But the weather forecast looks bad. The lineup of musicians seems too good to be true. But you have work to do. Those who chose not to go to Woodstock most certainly missed the music festival of all music festivals, the one that changed a generation. Make your mark within your industry, and don’t miss out on real-time industry change, by the attending CPhI North America, the event impacting the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain. New in 2019; specialty zones, an expanded marketplace, and hours of insightful content. 

For all these reasons and more, you won’t want to miss CPhI North America taking place April 30-May 2, 2019 in Chicago, IL, USA. Attend, exhibit, educate, or just get more information. Download the Event Justification Toolkit for a shortcut to convincing your team that CPhI North America is worth the investment.